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Q. I am under 18, can I subscribe to the website.

You must get a writing approval  from your parents , some news and media may be censored , you must use it as a sport news, for education purpose and fan’s tools only. At any time Perdrau Stable may revoke your account, an refund  your available credit balance.


Q. Does the website provide race tips  (tyo)  ?



Q. Is perdrau stable associates with betting company/’s?



Q. How much time will the website be free?

The Administration team will decide. , you will  be kept  informed on the website


Q. How much does the subscription cost?

$ 7.5 + VAT  (Monthly )


Q. What do I benefits from subscription?

News , media , live. Race day in-house horse  fitness and updates


Q. Will I be stuck with a website or are you developing a web-base application to be live?

A mobile apps development and much more is on  roadmap.


Q. Will Perdrau Stable increase the Live views angle?

Maybe in the future, let see how it works


Q. Can I use for my analyze?

It’s up to you, we provide in-house media, news and health news of our horse only.


Q. Why is the roadmap not available to the public?

Due to competitors and idea’s. , some upcoming modules are easily seen. It remains at the discretion of the administration.


Q. Does Perdrau Stable rent ads space?