Rule The Night: No “faux pas”

Congratulation to the owners MM Gavin Glover, Agasthamuni Gujadhur, Anand Juddoo, Veka Sooben & Kunal Rughoo , our Team, our sponsor ”Liquid” and great ride from Kersley Ramsamy

Our chance for this 15th meeting

Our chances

Dear All we have our main chance in 6th race he is very well hoping to have our win with him,We give a small chance to BP in the 3rd race, tough field and draw, it will not be easy.
New one running second is drawn wide and not at best yet. He will be to follow after.Good day to all

Our chance for this 14th meeting

Our chances

Hi All, we have some chances in 4&1 races both horses are well.Last race we hoping for a place.2nd race a bit hard, hoping blinkers help for a better performance. Good luck to all

Our chance for this 13th meeting

Our chances

Dear All, we have two decent chances today British Pound in second and Greenstreettractor in 8th. For the others its a bit hard,Wishing you All a good day

Our chance for this 12th meeting

Our chances

Good morning All, today is a big challenge for Rule The Night, the weight difference is a concern so we staying cautious. Our second good runner is Badawee, he hold a good form.Other two runners Falkland and Varonella are coming to form gradually for now they are not at their best.Wishing you all a good day